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Know Your Name

Acantha Lang - Know Your Name single



Ride This Train | Sofar London

Acantha Lang performing “Ride This Train” at Sofar London on August 14th, 2016.

Directed by: Otalia Onta
Edited by: Pavel Radu
Filmed by: Otalia Onta & Joe Almond
Audio recorded & mixed by: Joe Wander

Know Your Name

Inspired by a homeless young man she kept seeing in her London neighborhood, Acantha wrote a beautiful bluesy and heartfelt song titled “Know Your Name”, reflecting her thoughts on watching the daily struggle of this poor soul representing a large number of homeless people all over the world.

Original song written by: Acantha Lang & Mayaeni
Produced and Edited by: Acantha Lang
Cinematographer: Adam Rogers

Copyright 2018 @ Acantha Lang